Friday, January 23, 2004

A grittier looking backdrop, maybe? Everyone else got brick walls and stages! (Photo by Darrow Montgomery for the Washington City Paper)

Back at the end of '99, when we decided to conclude our run at 'MUC (just weeks after our last group appearance in the City Paper), it was partly because the powers-that-be around the way were fronting so hard on any and all attempts to bring the kind of music we love and support to the masses. Three full years later, and the situation for DC-area acts trying to get on is still bad enough to merit a CP cover story. Ugh. Sarah Godfrey did a bang-up job, so make sure you check it out.

Moving along... Stylus is gonna be thizzling at Krunk, held at South Beach, 7904 Woodmont Ave in Bethesda tomorrow night (1/24/04), along with his band... go.

Regional pride compels me to point out that Common was on this MTV "Hip-Hop Slanguistics" show claiming "joe" as Chicago slang... Etymological revisionism will not be tolerated; that's a DC jont, and you know it, Cornbread.

Fly 25 in January? Outlook bleak, but anything can happen...

- ed


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