Friday, February 06, 2009
I only realized it a day or so ago, but our broadcast last week marked the 4th anniversary of "Decipher's" debut on WPFW, when the entire "Decipher" crew packed into the studio for the first time to introduce ourselves to the WPFW audience.

Hopefully, in the 200 or so weeks since that show, we've managed to endear ourselves to a few of the WPFW jazz-heads that didn't think hip-hop needed a place on their station, and we've made a respectable number of hip-hop fans supporters of WPFW, the one station in the DMV that's opened the door for us. Shout-outs to the production teams of Ill Street Grooves, Blackademics, Holla Back, The Power Hour, and The Lab for all your efforts in keeping this movement going over these past four years.

WPFW's Winter Pledge drive continues, and it's been one of the most successful we've hosted yet, thanks to those of you who have generously given to the cause. Thanks for making us look good! Next Thursday is the last show of this pledge drive, so, if you haven't gotten arround to supporting the station, the block, or the show yet, please consider representing for us then.

2/6/09 - Decipher, 89.3 FM WPFW Washington (

Erykah Badu f/ Common - Love of My Life (An Ode to Hip Hop)
Greg Tate - What is Hip Hop?
Q-Tip f/ Norah Jones - Life is Better
Common - I Used to Love H.E.R.
The Roots f/ Common - Act Too... The Love of My Life
Ludacris f/ Nas & Jay-Z - I Do It For Hip Hop
KRS-ONE & Marley Marl - Hip Hop Lives
Skillz - Hip Hop
Pace Won & Mr. Green - Who I Am
LL Cool J - Hip Hop
Termanology & DC - This is Hip Hop
Common - The 6th Sense (Something U Feel)
The Roots - Act Too (Love of My Life) (Remix)

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Tuesday, February 19, 2008
Hey kids,

Quick programming note: we're taking a rare day off from our WPFW show this week, so that we can take advantage of one of more of these (event 1 - event 2) events that are happening around DC on Thursday night. I'd usually never leave you hanging like that, but I've been trying to see one of these cats perform for 14 years, and haven't succeeded yet... maybe this time's the charm. Tony Carr will be holding it down with a two-hour edition of "Rhythms of the World." Enjoy!

(How did Thursday get to be the night that all the good events happen? We picked that night for the radio show because it was supposed to be dead as far as stuff happening in the streets... oh well.)

While on the subject of cool things happening in the DMV (I could swear we were using that term for a decade before it blew up last year), check out the "Recognize: Hip-Hop and Contemporary Portraiture" exhibit at the National Portrait Gallery, on display now through October 26, 2008. Word to hip-hop getting some Smithsonian love, and with their ongoing initiative to collect more hip-hop artifacts, there's hopefully more to come. Oh, and if you manage to make it through the NPG before March 3rd, head upstairs and peep the "Let Your Motto Be Resistance: African-American Portraits" exhibit.

And I'm out like The Awakening...

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